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About Us

ALBATROS is a modern apparel company, established producer of high quality shirts. The strong commitment to produce shirts with top quality and perfect craftsmanship were the main idea, guiding the textile company “Albatros” at its inception in 1999. These two basic tenets, today, after 15 years are the foundation of the company – established as one of the most modern factories and one of the best manufacturers of shirts in the country. From the very beginning the management defined a strategy for specialization in the production of men’s shirts, and few years ago a production of ladies blouses. This strategy works even today and results in perfectly crafted shirts!

Key elements for recognition of the shirts that are coming out from ALBATROS are fabrics with exceptional quality and ultimate technique of production resulting in a product that is already well recognized as a premium product among consumers.
Albatros is a private family business, founded by Vesna and Sasko Miladinovi whose vision for a development, today, in practice is realized by them and their heirs – Ljupka Miladinova – Dzambazovski and Marina Miladinova along with a professional management team.

Today ALBATROS produces and exports more than 800,000 shirts annually whose final destinations are more than 20 European and oversea countries. The most important destinations are: Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, England, Sweden, USA and Canada.

The Shirt

Shirts are one of the most important pieces of clothes in every business combination. Male or female, formal or casual, white or patterned it is simply a must. However, to make a high-quality shirt is not an easy job. The expert in Macedonia is definitely ALBATROS that in the past two years of its 15-year production of shirts is devoted to establishing its own brand.

Why Albatros shirts are special?

  • Due to the crucial commitment to producing a high-quality product
  • Due to the impeccable craftsmanship
  • Due to the careful selection of fabrics and extensive work exclusively with manufacturers of fabric with proven quality
  • Due to the ability to add any type of embroidery such as initials or logo. This detail is increasingly required by customers from abroad, as it gives to the product itself uniqueness and originality

CSR Practices

We said High Quality right?

When we talk about High Quality, we mean a product made according to the European standards and that is achieved by continuous investment in new machinery, improved technology and work conditions. On the first place are our employees, we take care of them to have ideal working conditions, to be motivated and committed in order to be able to achieve top results.

We help and invest in our society through donations, charity events, also supporting sport & cultural activities
We are committed to high level of sustainability, stable growth & development
We protect and implement activities to maintain a clean environment
We invest in personal & professional development of our employees
We care about effective allocation of natural resources
We care about our people

Perfect Craftmanship

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Zeleznicka bb
2000 Stip, Macedonia
T: +389 32 38 17 17
F: +389 32 38 67 17


Dimitrija Cupovski 13
1000 Skopje, Macedonia
+389 2 3216 356



Ljupka Miladinova Dzambazovski


Marina Miladinova


Suta Giova Trpceva

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